1. Order issued by NCLT

2. Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd Advertisement Dated 20-12-17

3. Form B for Operational Creditors

4. Form C for Financial Creditors

5. Form D for Workmen and Employees

6. Form F for Other than Financial Creditors and Operational Creditors

7. Initiation of Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process dtd 21.12.2017

8. Regulation 17 letter constitution of COC 5 Jan 2018

9. Regulation 13 letter List of Creditors 5 Jan 2018

10.Expression of Interest

11.Operational Creditors List as on 16th February 2018

12.Form G

13.Creditor List as on 15th March 2018

14.Creditor List as on 27th April 2018

15.Creditor List as on 18th May 2018

16. NCLT Order for the extension of Resolution process of 90 days Dated 12-Jun-2018

17.Creditor List as on 25th Jun 2018

18.Creditor List as on 15th July 2018

19.Creditor List as on 31st July 2018

20.Creditor List as on 07th December 2018

21.Creditor List as on 19th February 2019

22.Creditor List as on 14th March 2019

23.Creditor List as on 10th April 2019

24.Creditor List as on 22nd April 2019

25.Creditor List as on 26th April 2019